​Rob Burkardt

Software Developer

Time Value of Money Calculator​

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The Time Value of Money Calculator uses the cash flow model when entering input.   The payment period and the interest/compounding period can be different.  The interest rate is converted to the appropriate effective rate for the payment period.  It is unique in that it allows a change in the Payment and/or the Nominal Annual Rate information during the calculation Period.  To facilitate this there is a Change section (Payment/Interest Change) which expands and collapses by pressing up/down arrows.  
The Ledger button on the navigation bar navigates to a screen which attempts to display an appropriate ledger considering the input entered.  The rows in the ledger are per payment period.   From the Ledger screen you can navigate to the Chart screen which graphs the values displayed on the Ledger screen.   Also, there is a Help screen which contains instructions and 15 example problems to help you get started.  
​See screen shots below.